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    Microtouch Ergonomic Technology Inc. was established March, 2013.We are an innovative ergonomic office product enterprise integrating all aspects of product development including: design, research and development, production, as well as sales.Our company has set up a testing center and engineering R&D center.

    Our extensive line of ergonomic products includes most advanced mice , chairs, backrests, sit/stand office systems, monitor stands and other supplies. Our products have won many domestic and international design awards such as the prestigious "Red Dot" and "Ergonomic Design”Awards.At present, the company's products have been sold well in developed countries such as Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and so on. 

    Our products are designed by experts, and top organizations in the fields of ergonomics, health and wellness. Our company’s mission and commitment is to prevent and relieve chronic injuries that are commonly caused by long-term computer use. We incorporate state-of-the-art ergonomic knowledge and sports rehabilitation concepts into all of our designs to promote a healthy office, and prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring. Our products have been tested and certified by Professor Erik Peper, an expert in ergonomics from San Francisco State University. 

    Since 2017, the NEWTRAL team adheres to the concept of “Customer-centric with Continuous Innovation". NEWTRAL has researched and designed ergonomic chairs to relieve low back pain caused by sedentary office work. After many years of extensive product design and research, we have designed and developed the first ergonomic chair with the ultimate adaptive lower back support. The NEWTRAL chair has an auto-chasing mechanism (first in the world for chairs) that automatically provides continual low back support during all different sitting postures. This feature ensures that your lower back will continually get support to help maintain proper posture, and is unique in the marketplace providing the ultimate, comfortable healthy sitting experience.Our products have been tested and certified by IRIS SOKOL,a certified American ergonomist and health consultant. 
    The NEWTRAL factory with headquarters in China is a large, modern office furniture manufacturing Through professional institutions and various testing certification,

    facility offering a wide range of products and services. We have 220,000 square meters, including we only do healthy and comfortable office chair.

    nine core modules such as assembly, injection molding workshop, sponge workshop, carton workshop, 

    molding workshop and an office chair testing center.
    9 products
    NEWTRAL MagicH Pro Ergonomic Office Chair
    NEWTRAL MagicH Ergonomic Office Chair
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    NEWTRAL NT001 Ergonomic Chair Office Chair
    Newtral Writing Pad
    NEWTRAL T500C Ergonomic Chair Office Chair
    NEWTRAL T500W Ergonomic Chair Office Chair
    Newtral Magic H500PRO Ergonomic Office Chair
    Newtral Magic H002/H100 Ergonomic Office Chair with Auto-following Lumbar Support
    NEWTRAL NT002Pro +FR Ergonomic Chair Office Chair
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