Why work while standing, buy a standing desk?

In fact, few people like to stand and work for a long time. The main purpose of buying an adjustable desk is to provide the correct desktop height, so that computer workers can greatly reduce fatigue, increase work efficiency, and reduce backaches!

Only a comfortable sitting posture can really solve the back pain

All standing desk can be raised to a height suitable for standing and working, and the person who buys an standing desk should consider the minimum height of the standing desk. Now the common standing desk is at least 70-72 cm, which is suitable for most people who use computers. Too tall for a human being. The lifting range of Ilikedesk standing desk is 64-129cm, which can provide a more comfortable table height for sitting or standing workers to the greatest extent, so as to solve the back pain caused by long-term workers.

Therefore, when buying a standing desk, you should consider the lowest desk height, which is suitable for your "sitting height", so as to truly solve the problem of back pain!

Why are standing desks better?

What's the difference between a height adjustable desk and a standing desk?

Both adjustable desks and standing desks are office furniture designed to adjust the height of your desk, but there are a few differences between them:

1.Mode of operation

Height desks require manual adjustment of the table top height, usually by turning a handle or pressing a button. Standing desks, on the other hand, are equipped with a motorized lift system that can adjust the height of the desk with a button or a remote control.

2.Functional diversity

Standing desks usually have more functions, such as memory function, minimum and maximum height limit setting function, and can record multiple desktop height positions, which is convenient for users to quickly adjust the desktop height. Some standing desks can also adjust the height of the desktop through an app or software, as well as set a reminder time to remind the user to stand or take a break.


Standing desks are generally more expensive than desks because they require more technology and materials to manufacture.

Overall, if you need to adjust the height of your desk frequently, or if you need more functionality, then choosing a standing desk may be more suitable for you. If you're on a tight budget, or you only need to adjust the height of your desk occasionally, then a height adjustable desk might be a better fit for your needs.