What should you pay attention to when buying a gaming chair?

For those who are obsessed with playing e-sports, it is necessary to have an e-sports ergonomic chair. Some games require the user to devote a lot of energy and maintain a sitting posture for a long time. The e-sports chair can ensure the comfort of the user. So what should you focus on when purchasing? Next, I will let you understand the needs of buying gaming chairs from 5 major points.

1.Seat material

Surface material: the common ones are PU and genuine leather. PU leather is soft and comfortable, wear-resistant and waterproof. The disadvantage is that it is not breathable and will age after a long time. Although genuine leather has good air permeability, its price is high.
Cushion filling: There are usually two kinds of recycled sponge and original sponge. Regenerated sponges are recycled from waste sponges. The quality is very poor, the smell is heavy, the sitting feeling is poor, and it is easy to deform and collapse. The native sponge is a whole piece of sponge, which is environmentally friendly and hygienic, with good resilience and comfortable sitting feeling. The higher the density of the sponge, the better the rebound effect and the more comfortable the sitting feeling.

2. Armrest

There are three types of armrests: fixed, semi-fixed, and robotic armrests. The most used is the semi-fixed type, and the armrest can be adjusted by lifting and rotating.


3. Skeleton

Good-quality gaming chairs generally use an integrated steel frame to improve the load-bearing capacity and lifespan of the seat. After reinforcement treatment, it is not easy to deform after sitting for a long time; poor-quality gaming chairs generally use engineering composite boards as the frame support, and the load-bearing capacity is poor. There is also the harmful substance formaldehyde.

4. Air pressure rod

The air rod is the key to the load-bearing of the chair. The air rod is filled with high-purity nitrogen gas, and the internal piston is provided with a through hole. The air pressure at both ends is equal, and the cross-sections on both sides of the piston are different. Under the action of the gas pressure, the gas elastic force is generated to control the gaming chair up and down Activity.

5. Five-star base

The five-star foot is the support of the gaming chair. It depends on whether the material used for the five-claw tube wall is solid. The common materials are nylon, steel and aluminum alloy. It is recommended to choose aluminum alloy>steel>nylon.

Gaming Chair Selection

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