What is the difference between a single motor desk and a double motor desk?

Standing desks can actually be divided into two types, single motor or double motor to provide lifting function. The single-motor lifting table uses one motor to control the lifting of the desktop, which is more economical and affordable, but has limited load-bearing capacity; the double-motor lifting table uses two motors to control the lifting of the desktop, which has a strong load-bearing capacity and provides A more stable lifting experience. Although the lifting speed of the double motor lifting table is faster and the height adjustment range is larger, the single motor lifting table only needs one motor to control the lifting, which saves manufacturing, operation and maintenance costs, so the price is relatively low. More suitable for consumers with limited budget.


Single Motor Standing Desk

The way the single motor works is that the table leg on one side is controlled by the electric control system to go up and down first, and then the drive rod drives the table leg on the other side to go up and down together. Since the lifting and lowering are not carried out synchronously, the stability is low, it is easy to shake when lifting and lowering, and the noise is relatively large. The advantage is that the price of a single motor is relatively cheap, and you can start with an electric adjustable table for only a few thousand yuan.

Dual Motor Standing Desk

Dual motors are motors installed on both sides of the standing desk, and the electric control system can control the motors on both sides at the same time to achieve synchronous lifting. Therefore, the double motor lifting table has higher stability, less noise and better load bearing.

Single Motor Standing Desk vs Dual Motor Standing Desk Speed, Load Capacity

  • Single Motor Standing Desk
  • Lifting speed: 25mm/s Load bearing: 60kg
  • Dual Motor Standing Desk
  • Lifting speed: 35mm/s Load bearing: 130kg

How to choose a standing desk according to your height? (for reference only)

In order to adapt to different work needs, KZchair provides a variety of standing desks to help users improve their sitting posture and reduce the impact of long-term sitting on health. The existing lifting ranges are 64-129cm, 72-122cm, 73-122cm (customizable Size) can WhatsApp contact me.