What are the dangers of sitting for long periods of time? Alternating standing and sitting is the method of health science

More and more people are working at desks, and the sitting time is getting longer and longer, which brings more and more health problems. In order to reduce this health risk, many companies have introduced electric standing office desks, Alternate standing and sitting to reduce the health risks of sitting for a long time. It is recommended to stand up and stand for 15 minutes every 45 minutes of sedentary sitting, and alternate between standing and sitting.

Health hazards of prolonged sitting:

  1. Insufficient blood supply to the brain, resulting in reduced oxygen supply and nutrients to the brain, aggravating fatigue, insomnia, memory loss and increasing the possibility of suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Cause muscle soreness, neck stiffness, headache and dizziness all over the body, and aggravate people's lumbar and cervical diseases.
  3. Fat in the body is easy to accumulate, and the weight will increase.
  4. Sitting still for a long time will oppress the bladder meridian located in the buttocks and thighs, resulting in poor blood flow in the bladder meridian, resulting in dysfunction of the bladder, while the kidney meridian and the bladder meridian are connected externally and internally, which will cause abnormal kidney function.


Benefits of standing and sitting alternately:

  1. Standing can make the blood circulation system unobstructed, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.
  2. There will be a significant improvement in posture after standing, especially when your neck and shoulders are not so easy to lean forward when you are standing than when you are sitting.
  3. The standing posture makes full use of all the muscles of the legs, activates the muscles, consumes calories, and reduces fat accumulation.
  4. The reaction in the standing state is faster, the attention will be more concentrated than before sitting, and the work efficiency will also be improved.
Standing office is only the first step to a healthy body. Although it is only a small move, it is very important. You might as well consider an electric standing office desk. An electric standing office desk is definitely a very good office tool. As long as it is used properly, an electric standing office desk can become a valuable tool for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.