The difference between ordinary chairs, computer chairs and ergonomic chairs

After working all day, all kinds of back pains come up, which makes it uncomfortable to stand and sit. Now there are all kinds of chairs on the market, such as ordinary chairs, computer chairs, and ergonomic office chairs. What is the difference in the experience of sitting on the three chairs? And why do people choose ergonomic chairs?

normal chair

The word "ordinary" of an ordinary chair has fully demonstrated its function. It only provides the function of sitting, and the height cannot be adjusted at all, which has limitations. If the chair is short and you are tall, you have to bend your back and shrink your shoulders when sitting on a short chair, which will make your hips and waist squeezed for a long time and cause soreness.

computer chair

Compared with ordinary chairs, the computer chair has improved. It adds an air pressure rod, which can adjust the seat cushion to the height that suits you. It is more convenient to leave and return the seat with the addition of pulleys on the bottom. Most computer chairs are made of foam material and covered with cloth. Although it is comfortable to sit on, it is stuffy and easy to absorb odor.

ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chairs are designed according to the physiological structure of the human body. The biggest difference between ordinary computer chairs and ergonomic chairs lies in the adjustability of the chairs. Not only the height adjustment, but also the neck, waist, front and back can be adjusted. Like the design of the headrest, you can lean on the headrest to sleep during the afternoon nap, which is more comfortable than sleeping on the table; there are also many detailed designs such as the height of the armrest and the left and right rotation, which can effectively support the arms and help the shoulders share the weight, while avoiding shoulders and elbows Soreness and inflammation.
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