Sitting backaches, office chairs are really important

There are a lot of office chairs on the market, and there are even many chairs that claim to be ergonomic. They are also office chairs, and the price varies by thousands of miles. How to choose the right one? In fact, when choosing an office chair, the most important thing is the height of the office chair and the angle of the back of the chair. In addition, the sciatica often experienced by sedentary office workers can be relieved by simple stretching exercises, but if it goes on for a long time, it will lead to intervertebral disc herniation and seriously affect the health of the body.

From the perspective of reducing the pressure on the intervertebral disc, first of all, the angle between the back of the chair and the seat should be greater than 90 degrees, and 110 degrees is the best (the angle will be slightly backward when viewed from the side). However, when you usually need to read or operate a computer at work, it is unlikely to sit on a reclining chair to work. If you do, your head will move forward, increasing the burden on the cervical spine. An angle between 90 and 100 degrees is more feasible.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain the normal curvature of the lumbar spine (a little lordosis) at all times, because lumbar kyphosis will increase the pressure on the intervertebral disc. The back of most office chairs has a forward curvature. Sit your buttocks to the back of the chair and let your body lean on the back of the chair to help maintain the normal curvature of the spine. It is worth noting that some people like to put a small pillow behind the waist, which is more comfortable, but sometimes it will cause the waist to protrude excessively, which will easily cause excessive force in the waist muscles and cause backache.

Since each person has a different body shape, it is recommended that when choosing an office chair, you can choose an office chair that can provide good support, which can reduce the burden on the body when sitting for a long time, and reduce the pain in the back, buttocks and neck. There are also a variety of adjustable functions, such as seat height, chair back angle, armrest height and seat depth, etc., to meet the needs of people of different heights and builds. Even tall or petite people can easily handle the office chair.