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Sitting for a long time has become the daily life of modern young people. Sitting for a long time to work, play games, watch TV, study, almost 70% of the time is sitting, but now many people sit on chairs that lack support, such as crossed legs, waist hanging, neck forward, etc. Long-term irregular sitting posture has brought many health problems, such as back pain, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, etc. Now, it is really important to improve sitting posture both at the social level and at the industry level.

To provide a perfect solution for the current situation of SIHOO ergonomic chairs, SIHOO Doro-S300 provides a suspended backrest, which divides the design of the entire backrest into upper and lower support modules. The unique back support module can independently adjust the entire chair back up and down, so that people of different heights can get comfortable support at the key positions of the back. It allows users to maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting posture in a sedentary sitting posture, realizing the real sense of back support and back protection, so that they will not be tired after sitting for a long time.

Good chair besides fit is also very stable

The Sihoo S300 chair adopts the design of an innovative space chassis. The lumbar support is a variable-directional floating wing lumbar support developed by Sihoo. An air pressure rod design is also added to the lumbar support, so that the contact with the waist and sacrum is more accurate. Tight, take the initiative to help you "support" your waist! When we lean up, we will feel that it is actively following, actively fitting, and actively supporting the back and waist. It is as comfortable as a pair of hands supporting your back. When you sit on it, the seat cushion will automatically retreat, and it will track and care for your back at all times without touching your thighs. The chair seems to have life!

No matter whether you are fat or thin, even if you are over 100 kg, you can sit on it and support it firmly. It is really more stable than ordinary chairs!

Multi-level function adjustment is tailor-made for you

Ordinary office chairs are not adjustable; there are also some individual ergonomic chairs that fix a sitting posture by adjusting various parts; want to change posture? Might have to start over from scratch...

However, when sitting on the Sihoo S300, you will find that no extra operation is required to lean back! Instinctively, I fell back, and the chair lay down; when I remembered, I straightened up and the chair came back.

The armrest of Sihoo S300 is a 6D armrest, which has the functions of up and down, front and back, inside and outside, horizontal rotation, vertical rotation, and synchronous backward tilt. The adjustable angle is very large. When leaning back, the armrests will change their angles accordingly, without effort to adjust, they will always be at the same height. Keeping the angle of our elbows constant, the arms are always relaxed. From top to bottom, from left to right, each small arc of the backrest has been precisely ergonomically designed. The angle of reclined back can reach 138° in the resting state. It is very comfortable to lie down and watch mobile phone videos or play games.

When you buy such an ergonomic chair and come back to sit for a while, you will find that it is really worth it. In addition to its good looks, the SIHOO ergonomic chair is also very powerful. It is definitely your good office partner. A good chair not only reduces the damage to the body caused by long-term sitting, but also allows you to improve work efficiency, and you will not feel tired if you sit for a longer period of time.