Is it necessary to buy an electric lift table?

A comfortable office environment is of great help to improve work efficiency. Many people have spondylosis, lumbar disc damage, pelvic tilt, varicose veins, etc. due to incorrect office posture. How can they work comfortably and have What about a healthy body?
As the electric lifting platform comes into everyone's eyes, everyone thinks it is very novel, and the effect is also said to be amazing. Is it necessary to buy an electric lifting platform after leaving the traditional fixed-height office desk? Let KZchair explain to you that buying an electric lifting platform is the best choice.

Working principle of electric lift table

Electric lifting table is a kind of office equipment that can realize desktop lifting through electric control. Mainly include: motor, controller, lifting column, desktop, etc.
The motor is the core of the electric lift table. The quality of the motor directly affects the service life and failure rate of the lift table. Generally, it can be divided into single motor and double motor.
The controller is equivalent to the brain of the electric lift table, which accepts the user's instructions and controls the operation of the motor to adjust the height of the table.
The lifting column is the supporting part of the electric lifting table, which allows the desktop to rise and fall up and down by telescoping.
The desktop is the working platform, which can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

Advantages of electric lift table

  1. Switch between standing and sitting at will: Studies have shown that when sitting for a long time, when the body leans forward, the stress on the lumbar spine is 270% of the standing posture. Standing can greatly reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine and protect the health of the lumbar spine. In addition, standing will also consume more calories, so we should be alert to the accumulation of fat in the waist and abdomen caused by sitting for a long time. Standing and sitting in two postures can keep us in a very healthy working state.
  2. It can be switched at any time for different groups of people: fixed-height desks cannot adapt to people of different heights. The general desk height is about 75cm. It is definitely not good for a 160cm girl and a 180cm boy to use the same style of office desk. The same, so an electric lifting platform that can be flexibly adjusted is particularly important.
  3. Good for health: For sedentary people, people with waist, neck and shoulder discomfort who sit in front of the computer for a long time because of computer work will cause more serious back pain, shoulder and neck pain, etc. Over time, it can also lead to sciatic nerve, hemorrhoids, and other disorders. Having a motorized desk encourages more standing and moving around throughout the day.

Is it necessary to buy an electric lift table?

For those who cannot sit for a long time and have lumbar, shoulder and neck problems, the electric lifting table is definitely a very good office tool. It has a good effect on alleviating sedentary fatigue and protecting the health of the lumbar spine. It can also improve work to a certain extent. Efficiency, but you need to develop a good standing habit to achieve twice the result with half the effort. An electric lifting platform can meet the needs of the whole family. Do you think this price/performance ratio is worth it?
Now more and more people pay attention to the healthy way of working, and the electric lifting table also brings people a comfortable office experience. If you are still suffering from long-term sedentary office back pain, you might as well try the electric lifting table ! If necessary, you can contact me to learn more, good quality and high price are your best choice!