Ilikedesk Standing Desk Boosts Productivity | Ergonomic Chair Recommendations

If you want to study or work at home without getting tired, a standing desk and an ergonomic chair can improve your work efficiency at home. Most people spend 60%-70% of their time sitting in a sitting position, which makes them sedentary resulting in scoliosis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases. KZchair advocates a simple way to adjust the height and front and rear functions through the OneTouch button, allowing users to achieve the best balance between sitting and standing.

Ilikedesk standing desk is suitable for both adults and children

Most of the living places in Hong Kong are small units, and many families cannot provide a study desk for their children. The standing desk is specially designed for families in Hong Kong. With adjustable height and ergonomic design, it can meet the growth height of children of different ages, so that children can learn healthier and more efficiently. One-click adjustment to the most suitable desk height, let our multifunctional standing desk bring children a dynamic learning mode. Meet the needs of adults and children.

Standing desks increase productivity

Using a traditional office chair with a desk, when used for a long time, it is easy to cause fatigue, which reduces the overall work efficiency. Using a smart standing desk with an ergonomic chair, it is not easy to get tired and can increase work productivity by up to 50%.

Ergonomic chairs are closely related to work efficiency and workplace comfort. Because it is very difficult to sit well on a general chair, because you must rely on willpower to maintain a good sitting posture without any external assistance, so after sitting for a long time and mentally exhausted, you will start to hunchback, cross your legs, raise your feet, and step your feet. Not only will it affect your work efficiency, but it will also affect your body, but ergonomic chairs can solve these problems, from neck pillows, chair backs, handles, cushions, mesh chair designs, to chair materials, the design will be more It fits your spine and is as comfortable as supporting your back, allowing you to maintain a good sitting posture and sit longer! You can click below to view the function introduction of the ergonomic chair.

Advantages of ergonomic chairs over general chairs

So it is very important to have a good ergonomic chair and standing desk for working and studying in the office or at home.

Hong Kong furniture store, quality assurance, affordable price

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