How to cultivate children's correct sitting posture

Children are the key protection objects of the family. They are in the state of learning things at this age. Once they have a wrong sitting posture and develop bad habits, they will find problems such as hunchback, scoliosis, and myopia. Therefore, cultivating correct sitting posture from an early age is very important for future posture and vision. all play an important role. The following are the places that children should pay attention to in their daily sitting posture.

Tables and chairs should be suitable for children's height

When children are writing on the desk, what they need is a desk and chair suitable for their height. The height of the table should allow the child's arms and wrists to relax naturally while writing, and the chair should allow the child's feet to rest firmly on the ground.

Keep your knees, hips and feet under the table

The knees, hips and feet should be placed under the table, and the thigh and calf form a natural angle of 100~105. This can help the child maintain a stable posture, reduce physical discomfort, and allow the child to focus more on writing practice.

Comply with the principle of "three 90 degrees"

That is, with the back straight, the hips and waist are kept at 90 degrees, the knees are bent at 90 degrees, and the feet are at 90 degrees to the ground.

KZchair Recommendation - Children's Ergonomic Chair

Because the height of children is constantly changing during the growth and development stage, choosing Children's Ergonomic Chairs that can freely adjust the height and angle will not be limited. It is suitable for 3 to 18 years old and suitable for every growth stage. It can improve concentration and learning ability, prevent musculoskeletal diseases, and prevent myopia.
According to the temperature in summer and winter, the backrest can be disassembled at will. It can be removed for cooling in summer and installed for heating in winter. The following six advantages:
  1. breathable mesh
  2. swivel armrest
  3. primordial foam
  4. SGS gas lift
  5. lift pedal
  6. Gravity self-locking
To sum up, it is very important for children to sit correctly when practicing writing. Correct sitting posture not only helps to reduce physical discomfort, good habits need to be developed from an early age. KZchair is a company in Hong Kong that focuses on the research and development of ergonomic furniture. There are many types and high quality. Welcome to buy online or visit the store!