How to clean and maintain an ergonomic office chair?

Office chairs are the objects that accompany us the longest during office hours. Daily eating and drinking may cause dirt, hair, food, etc. The best condition and help prolong the service life, let's take a look at the maintenance methods used for office chairs of different materials?

Cloth Material Ergonomic Office Chair:

Spray cleaner and wipe gently. If it is particularly dirty, it can be cleaned with warm water and detergent. Do not wipe vigorously with a brush. Wiping with a brush will damage the fabric material and reduce the service life. Larger stains can use detergent.

Mesh material ergonomic office chair:

The mesh office chair has strong wear resistance and air permeability, and it is more convenient to clean. It can be cleaned with a brush and washed, the mesh is wear-resistant and dries quickly.

Leather Ergonomic Office Chair:

In the cleaning process, generally use a wet towel to gently wipe, you can remove most of the stains and keep the surface dry. If necessary, leather cleaner or leather brightener can be used to make the leather look more shiny and durable. It should be noted that when wiping, use a microfiber cloth to gently clean the leather to prevent scratches.

Leather Material Ergonomic Office Chair:

Dirt, hair, and carpet fibers often get lodged in the casters or wheels of office chairs, preventing them from turning freely. The wheels can be removed, use tweezers to remove debris that is blocking the wheels, and finally wipe them with a damp cloth. You can also protect chair wheels with an anti-static spray.

Other considerations:

When handling, lift and put down gently to avoid violent squeezing and dragging. Avoid strong direct sunlight on the chairs. Exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited, as this will cause the color of the chairs to fade or change color; regularly check the screws and fasteners of the chairs to ensure that they are not loose or damaged.
The above are the maintenance and cleaning methods of office chairs made of different materials. A high-quality ergonomic office chair can also save you a lot of trouble in cleaning and maintenance. KZchair has a wide variety of ergonomic chairs and adjustable tables, which can meet all your needs. Welcome to buy!