How to choose ergonomic bar stools?

Many people like to have a drink or two at home. If they want to add the most comfortable and supportive design bar stool to their home, then an ergonomic bar stool is very necessary. The relationship between comfort, bar stool and table The height of the room, whether to have a backrest, etc. are all things we need to consider. Next, KZchair will introduce the following aspects to pay attention to in order to choose an ergonomic bar stool with the highest cost performance and the best comfort.

Height between bar stool and bar counter

Common ergonomic standards say that the distance between the bar counter and the bar stools should be at least 30-35 cm. You can infer how many centimeters the bar stools need according to the height of the bar. For example, if the height of the bar is 90-95 cm, then the bar stools need 60-65 cm; if the bar is 110-115 cm, then the bar stools need 70-80 cm.

Ergonomic bar stool material

If you want to sit comfortably, the material of the cushion is very important. The most common materials for ergonomic bar stools are comfortable and strong materials, such as leather and fabric, which can comfortably support your body. Ergonomic bar stool profile And the compact construction provides excellent lumbar support, plus its elastic properties mean your seat won't lose its shape over time.

pedal design

Because the bar chair is higher than the general seat, it usually has a footrest design. When sitting, let the feet fall on the chair frame naturally, avoiding the hanging of the feet and reducing the discomfort of the feet hanging in the air. The best distance between the pedals and the seat surface is 38 to 42 centimeters. Without a footrest, the angle of the legs changes, rotating the pelvis forward, increasing the curvature of the spine and forcing it to extend, which can lead to back problems over time

Air Lift Ergonomic Bar Stool

Air lift bar stools can be adjusted in height at will, fixed bar stools are very limited, fixed height is not suitable for everyone, and air lift bar stools are not only suitable for one person, but also can be easily adjusted to suit every member of the family. It can also be rotated 360° for easy turning without twisting the spine.
Choosing an ergonomic bar stool that suits your home not only saves a lot of space but also allows you to sit comfortably. The series of ergonomic chairs provided by KZchair includes a variety of ergonomic bar stools. We provide bar stool models of different heights so that Customers can match the selected ergonomic bar stool design according to the actual height requirements of the bar.