How to choose a conference table that meets your needs?

Basically every company has a meeting room, which is a place for the company to communicate internally and externally. If there is a meeting room, there must be a meeting table. A good conference table can not only have a good atmosphere but also have a lot of discussion inspiration all day long, so how to start when choosing a conference table? Let's take a look at where to focus on.
The times are advancing, and today's conference room is not just where everyone used to hold a notebook to listen to the boss's speech, but has integrated a lot of social Internet, and began to use projectors to play ppt, so the conference table should be designed with wires and cable boxes.
Generally speaking, if the conference room has a large area, you can choose a conference table with a larger size, and if you buy a conference room with a small area, you can choose a conference table with a smaller size. At the same time, you can refer to the number of participants to decide, 6-person conference table, 8-person conference table, 10-person conference table or even a large conference table, and the selection is calculated on the basis of 60-80 cm per person.
3、Color, material, shape
  • The material can be divided into solid wood conference table, MDF conference table, steel conference table, artificial board conference table. Solid wood conference tables are generally high-end conference tables, density board conference tables are low-end conference tables, artificial board conference tables and steel conference tables are low-end conference tables, and you can choose according to economic conditions.
  • The color can be based on the layout and color of your company's conference room to consider the color of the purchased conference table.
  • The shape can be round, U-shaped, or square. There is no distinction between the position of the circular conference table, which can shorten the distance between people and create a harmonious and positive atmosphere; while the different positions of the square table represent different identities, which are suitable for formal meetings.


Choosing a conference table has a cohesive effect on the entire company. KZchair is a company in Hong Kong that focuses on the research and development of ergonomics furniture. It has a complete range of office equipment, meeting tables and meeting tables can be customized to meet your needs!