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KZchair is a store specializing in standing desks in Hong Kong. It provides a variety of high-quality adjustable desks, standing desks, etc. Whether you use it for office or home, KZchair can choose a desk that suits you. Our desks can be adjusted by pressing the button Control the height of the adjustable desk to suit different working needs. Help you improve your sitting posture and reduce the health impact of long hours of work.

Advantages of standing desks

  • The user can control the height of the lifting table through the button
  • The motor part is produced in Taiwan factory, including five-year warranty
  • The size of the adjustable table can be customized and changed to suit the small units in Hong Kong 
  • The double motor lifting table frame is very stable and can bear 130kg
  • With anti-collision function, child lock setting, able to set minimum and maximum height
  • There are the most and most complete types of lifting table accessories, which can create the most ergonomic work space
  • There are many choices of desktop materials, including E1 wear-resistant board, fireproof board, environmentally friendly bamboo board, E0 powder-coated MDF or solid wood, etc.

Standing Desk Product Recommendations