Ergonomic chairs make your body no longer feel burdened

Sitting in the office all day not only feels tired but also puts a heavy burden on the spine and lumbar spine, resulting in back pain and even lumbar muscle strain at a young age. But when you try to sit on an ergonomic chair, you will find that these problems are not a problem! Let's look down and see what magic power the ergonomic chair has.

The role of ergonomic chairs

As the name suggests, the ergonomic chair is to understand ergonomics, and it is specially researched for all parts of the human body. The technique of adapting the tool or the way of using the tool to the natural shape of the human body as much as possible, so as not to cause fatigue.

1. Use soft sponge or breathable mesh or a mixture of sponge and mesh to make a cushion, and reasonably design the elasticity of different areas of the cushion to improve the sitting experience.
2. By designing the back of the chair with some arcs in line with the curvature of the human lumbar spine, the lumbar support module is designed to move within a certain range, so as to reduce the degree of fatigue damage to the waist.
3. The design of the headrest will be added to relieve the fatigue of the neck;
4. Ergonomic chairs can actively adapt to different sitting postures of people, so that people can have a good experience no matter how they sit.
5. Reduce the possibility of "occupational diseases" such as lumbar disc herniation by slowing down the degree of physical damage caused by long-term sitting.

What is the appeal of an ergonomic chair

1. Relieve cervical spine strain and reduce the incidence of cervical spine.
2. Reduce most of the body weight borne by the lumbar spine and reduce the probability of spondylosis.
3. Guide the correct sitting posture and improve work efficiency.
4. Relieve leg pressure, promote blood circulation, and ensure healthy internal circulation.
5. Reduce the compression area of the hip and back, reduce the pressure of blood vessels, and relieve the excessive fatigue of the back and spine.

How to choose the right ergonomic chair for you

1. Look at the waist: the back of the chair can have a certain radian, which can be adjusted up and down, and adjusted back and forth to meet the needs of supporting the lumbar spine; when choosing a lumbar support, choose a lumbar support that is full of elasticity and sufficient support.
2. Look at the seat cushion: choosing breathable, elastic and not easily deformed mesh is currently the most ideal fabric for ergonomic chairs.
3. Look at the headrest: usually it can be adjusted flexibly, suitable for people of different heights and shapes.

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