Do you need a gaming chair for gaming? Can't regular chairs work?

Among the many chair series, the gaming chair is the most easily overlooked. Many people think that they usually only play video games and don’t spend much time there. Is it necessary to buy a gaming chair? In fact, when we play games, we will unknowingly indulge in them and usually sit in front of the computer for a long time, and bad sitting posture will have a certain degree of strain on the back, neck, and spine. If you want to pursue a comfortable environment when gaming, then a professional gaming chair is your best choice!

What is the difference between gaming chairs and ordinary chairs?

  1. Human body design: The gaming chair adopts an ergonomic design. Ergonomics is not simply measuring the human body to make a chair, but a more reasonable design of the seat according to the structure and physiological structure of the human body, so as to improve the comfort and comfort of the chair. It is more functional and more suitable for use in long-term sedentary scenes.
  2. Good appearance: E-sports chairs generally pay attention to appearance. After all, young people play games, and young people like personalized appearance. Many people yearn for a chair with their own characteristics. Compared with the chair, it is very recognizable and full of combat atmosphere. Therefore, when choosing a gaming chair, it is more important to take a fancy to the appearance you like.
  3. Auxiliary function: The armrest of the gaming chair is known as our "third hand", which directly affects our use experience. The armrest can slide to facilitate the placement of different people's elbows. Not only the adjustment is more flexible, but also the applicable scene more extensive. The high-end gaming chair also has the function of lying down. If you are tired from sitting for a long time, it is quite good to lie on your back and close your eyes to rest your mind.


What is a qualified gaming chair?

  1. The seat cushion is soft and elastic and breathable: the mesh material should be good enough to be skin-friendly and breathable enough to effectively disperse the pressure on the buttocks; a good seat cushion is generally thicker and has a sunken arc curve to adapt to the human buttocks .
  2. Good back support: The backrest of the chair should be able to dynamically fit the human spine and support the pressure on the back. The waist is best connected to the back for support, so that the lower back maintains the natural curve, so as to better relieve pressure.
  3. Air rod: the core component is the air rod, and it is even related to the safety of the user's hips. The gas filled inside the qualified air rod is nitrogen, but because of the high cost of nitrogen, some unscrupulous merchants will use the compressed space instead of nitrogen to fill the air pressure Rod, there is oxygen in the compressed air, when the air and the lubricating oil are in contact with each other in a high-pressure environment, a chemical reaction occurs-explosion and combustion.

Zenox Saturn Series Gaming Chair



The design of Zenox Saturn series gaming chairs is inspired by racing seats. It is ergonomically designed and suitable for users who use computers for a long time.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow
  • Frosted PU artificial leather surface
  • 2D PU soft padded hands
  • 4-Stage Hydraulic Air Rod
  • 1 year warranty
For a better gaming experience, there is an ergonomically designed gaming chair that can not only relieve the fatigue of sitting for a long time, but also highlight your own style. Act quickly if you are excited, contact me to learn more!