Compared with ordinary tables, what is the attraction of electric lift tables?

In recent years, the occupational disease lumbar disc herniation caused by sedentary office has been paid attention to by the public. The electric lifting table has gradually replaced the traditional fixed table, and is more and more recognized and adopted by everyone. The electric lifting table can be used to stand and sit alternately, and the height can be adjusted at will , multiple uses to attract new people, then compared with ordinary tables, what is more attractive to people? And what value does it bring us?

The harm that ordinary desks bring us

1.Potential risks caused by prolonged sitting
Sitting for a long time will slow down the blood circulation, which will lead to the decline of heart function and cause myocardial atrophy; sedentary for a long time, calcification will accumulate in the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis, and sitting for an extra hour a day will increase the risk of coronary arteriosclerosis by 12%.
2. Sitting for a long time causes various pains
If the neck, shoulders, and back are in a tense fixed posture for a long time, not only will the local blood circulation be poor, but it will also lead to stiffness in the neck, shoulders, back, soreness, pain, headache and cervical spondylosis.
3. Sedentary causes obesity
If you sit for a long time every day, your calorie intake is greater than your calorie consumption, and body fat will accumulate easily, leading to weight gain. It can be seen that sitting for a long time is closely related to obesity and metabolic diseases.
1.Realize the office mode of standing and sitting alternately
Sitting for a long time puts the weight of the whole body on the bottom of the spine, which can easily cause cervical stiffness. Alternating standing and sitting can relieve the physical fatigue caused by long-term sitting, send fresh blood to the brain, and stimulate work inspiration Improve work efficiency.
2. Adjust the height at will
Due to differences in height and personal usage habits, each person has different height requirements for tables and chairs. The electric lift table can solve this problem very well, and adjust different heights for different groups of people.
3. Multiple uses
The electric adjustable desk can not only be used for office work, but also can be used in many places. It can be used as a dining table, a game table, and an auxiliary tool for housework. It can achieve the maximum configuration and the highest utilization rate within limited resources.
But electric lift tables also have disadvantages. The price is high, the weight is heavy, it is not suitable for frequent moving, and sockets are needed, etc., but make sufficient preparations and plan the space in advance, and the cost performance of electric lift tables is much higher than that of ordinary tables.
Sitting for a long time is not good. For the sake of your own health, it is necessary to have an electric adjustable desk. It is not only good for your health, but also maintains your vitality and inspires inspiration! Do you have any other questions about purchasing electric height adjustable desks? Do you have other needs? You may wish to consult KZchair to meet your needs and provide you with high-quality and cost-effective electric lift tables.