Are you choosing the right office chair? Recommended computer chair

For office workers who have to work long hours every day, choosing a chair that suits them is very important to protect the spine. Some people have a small office space, so they choose chairs without backrests; some people like to adjust the office chair to the lowest position, thinking that it is more comfortable to sit on; some people don’t like hard chairs, so they must sit softly. ...Is this all right?

Let's look at the backless chair first.

This kind of chair has no backrest, and the lower back of the person sitting on it hangs in the air, which greatly increases the load on the lumbar spine. For example, for an adult weighing 70 kilograms, the third lumbar spine bears about 100 kilograms of weight when standing, but if sitting on a chair without a backrest, the third lumbar spine bears as much as 150 kilograms. It can be seen that chairs without backrests are the most unsuitable for office workers. Sitting on such chairs for a long time will do great harm to the lumbar spine and easily induce various lumbar diseases.

Chair heights that are too low differ too much from table height.

Sitting on this kind of chair for a long time facing the computer will make the upper body of the person lean back involuntarily. When operating the computer, the arms will be raised and the shoulders will be retracted inward. This will easily affect the cervical spine, arms and shoulder joints. Pain, nuchal muscle spasm, and even dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms.

How tall is the chair?

There is a standard here, that is, after you sit on it, your thighs are parallel to the ground, your knees are bent at about 90°, your feet can step on the ground smoothly, and at the same time, your head and neck are on the same vertical line when you are operating the computer. Such a chair Height can increase the stability of the body and reduce the degree of spinal involvement. In addition, the height of the backrest is also very particular. The backrest is used to support the back of the human body, so its height should be below the shoulders and conform to the curvature of the human spine curve. Maintain the curve of the spine.

What needs to be emphasized is that even if you choose a chair that is very suitable for you and your sitting posture is perfect, try not to sit for a long time. Because when a person is sitting, the pressure on the spine is much higher than when standing and lying down. Therefore, it is recommended that after sitting for 30 minutes, change your posture and move your body, such as stretching your upper limbs, shrugging your shoulders, moving your neck, etc., to relieve spinal pressure.