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Can ergonomic chairs really reduce the stress coefficient of the spine? The answer is, yes. Make good use of ergonomic chairs and reduce the pressure on your waist by half! After working for more than half an hour, the fascial muscles of the neck, shoulders, back and waist are all under pressure from your sedentary posture. If you bow your head and hunchback, you will accumulate pressure quickly, forming chronic stiffness and even soreness, which will reduce your work efficiency.

Using an ergonomic chair, the weight of the body is placed on the back of the chair, the pressure on the waist is reduced by 50%, and the work efficiency is doubled!

Many office workers are used to putting a cushion and other items on the chair to reduce the lumbar support. However, do you really choose the most suitable lumbar support? Has it really solved the pressure on the waist?

Answer: no.

When the body is sitting, it is more tiring than standing

The lumbar spine of the human body is composed of vertebrae, with elastic intervertebral discs in the middle as buffers. When bending over, the lumbar vertebrae are constantly squeezed against each other. Over time, the intervertebral discs may be pushed out of their original positions, causing the problem of intervertebral disc herniation; Bone spurs may grow or ligaments may become inflamed. Once the nerves are compressed, the lower back will suffer long-term pain.

In fact, many doctors have observed that 80% of chronic low back pain in office workers after sitting for a long time is caused by improper sitting posture of hunched over. Poor sitting posture for a long time will cause lumbar tissue lesions, which will cause problems such as low back pain or sciatica; on the contrary, as long as the lumbar spine is well supported, the pain and discomfort caused by long-term sitting can be greatly reduced, and even shoulder and neck pain can be reduced.

The spine is actually an S-shaped arc, and the slightly lordotic part of the lumbar spine is the position that is often supported by cushions. With the arc of the lumbar support supported by the lumbar support, the waist pressure caused by the sitting posture can be reduced.

How Ergonomic Chairs Can Solve Back Pressure

Ergonomic chairs cannot solve waist problems, but they can prevent waist problems from occurring. Ergonomic chair is a kind of special functional chair, which provides conformity to the curve of the back of the human body to satisfy users of different heights and shapes, effectively reduces the burden on the leg muscles, enables people to be in a state of natural relaxation, and disperses the pressure on the spine. Comfortable even when sitting for long periods of time. Here are a few ways how ergonomic chairs can address lower back pressure:

  1. Lumbar support: The good lumbar support of the ergonomic chair can provide proper support and reduce the pressure on the waist. The position and height can be adjusted according to individual needs to support the waist and reduce pressure.
  2. Seat Depth: The seat depth of an ergonomic chair should be able to support the thighs, but not so deep that excessive stress is placed on the back and lower back.
  3. Seat height: The height of the ergonomic chair can be adjusted at will according to individual needs, and can be adjusted to a suitable height, allowing the feet to be flat on the ground, which can help maintain a correct sitting posture and reduce waist pressure.
  4. The back of the chair: The back of the ergonomic chair should fit the body as closely as possible to distribute the weight of the cervical spine and then relieve the pressure on the back.
  5.  Armrests: The armrests of an ergonomic chair can also provide additional support, reducing stress on the shoulders and lower back.

How to choose an ergonomic chair?

Key point 1: Seat surface material

Moderate softness and hardness of the seat cushion is the most basic condition for an ergonomic chair, and the seat surface will directly touch our buttocks, so the choice of seat surface material is one of the key points that affect our sitting comfort. It is highly recommended to use mesh fabrics, which are not only highly breathable, but also not prone to friction with clothing.

Key point 2: High support of the back of the chair

The design of the back of the chair should naturally conform to our body curves and have good elasticity. Whether the waist is straight or slightly backward, the ergonomic chair can automatically support the pressure on our waist and let the whole body The muscles are relaxed in time so that they will not be in a very tense state all the time.

Point 3: Seat Height Adjustment

Generally, when operating a computer, the head and neck must be kept on the same line, so as not to burden our spine too much. The ergonomic chair can adjust the height of the seat according to your height, and the most correct sitting posture The thigh is parallel to the ground, and the knee is bent at an angle of about 90°, so that the two feet can step on the ground naturally. This chair height is the most ideal, which can not only increase the stability of the body, but also reduce the damage to our spine.

Key point 4: Seat depth adjustment

In the design of ergonomic chairs, seat depth adjustment is a major focus, because each person's height is different, so the seat depth will also be affected by height, the most correct way to sit is to sit with the buttocks at the end, with your feet at 90° When bending naturally, it will not touch the back of the knee. If the back of the knee will touch the seat surface, then the depth needs to be adjusted

Point 5: The chair adjustment function is easy to use

Today's ergonomic chairs have more and more innovative designs in terms of functions. For example, our products all have advantages such as exclusive patented designs, automatic functions, and easy-to-use seat adjustments. A good ergonomic chair must not only be easy to sit , practicality is also very important, we pay great attention to the small details of these functions, only to provide consumers with the best and most easy-to-use and operate chairs.

In conclusion, ergonomic chairs can help reduce lower back pressure and other physical discomforts by providing proper support and posture. Therefore, choosing a high-quality ergonomic chair is very important, especially for those who work while sitting for long periods of time.